The Great November Reschedule!

As requested, here are the possible dates and times for making up the screenings currently scheduled to coincide with SEM and AMS national meetings:

Sholay (188 minutes): November 8 (Tuesday), anytime after 8:50AM.

Lagaan (224 minutes): November 15 (Tuesday), anytime after 8:50AM;  anytime after 5PM on November 19 (Saturday); anytime before 7PM on November 20 (Sunday).

Or we could move everything up a week and start Sholay on Tuesday November 15 and watch Lagaan the following weekend. Keeping in mind the length of these films, we might to schedule in some meal breaks, etc.

Feel free to use the comments section at will.

Update: Everyone seems to want a weekend screening. We could try screening Lagaan on November 19th around 5PM. We could try for Wednesday evening (November 9th) or the following Monday (November 14th) for Sholay, if anyone wants to do that.


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