Response Paper Requirements

Throughout the semester, all students are periodically required to critically respond to the material. These responses should show an engagement with a recurring critical/theoretical theme from the unit or a close reading from an example covered in class.


All responses must have a point or thesis to be considered satisfactory. Written responses are limited to 2-3 pages (double-spaced, standard font, 12 pt) and thus must make a cogent point in a brief amount of space. Concision is part of the challenge with an assignment of this nature.


If you are responding to the music/sound for the film, you must cite the film properly, including title and date: e.g. The Jazz Singer (1927). If the composer is known, name him/her. The same rule applies to performers or ensembles.

If you are responding to something in written format, you must properly cite the author and title of the writing (if known), along with the page number. Proper citation is part of the assignment. If you fail to cite the source(s) that you use, you will jeopardize your entire response.


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