New Term, New Class

This fall will be my second time teaching Music and Film at NCF and this time the course design is significantly different. What’s changed? Two new textbooks resulting in a less chronological emphasis and different assignments.

Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Feel free to look at old entries on this blog to get a taste of what happened the last time around. However, you should keep in mind that we won’t be covering much of what you read here. Well, maybe a little.

Class FAQ:

Mini-class: I’ll be leading a mini-class on Thursday, August 22nd, at 11:40AM in Sudakoff A/B. Mini-class attendance is recommended but not required to be in the class.

Capping: The class will be capped at 20 students. Unless you have prior approval by me, you must arrive on time the first day to be enrolled in the class. Preference goes to the following AOCs in order: Music, Film, Gender Studies, and Literature. Further capping decisions will be made based on contract number and academic standing.

Screening Responses: Everyone who enrolls in Music and Film will be writing very brief weekly responses to that week’s screened film. This is to help me guide discussion and will allow everyone to have further power over determining which aspects of the film’s musical content were the most generative. These will be evaluated on a +/- basis.

Textbooks: There are three, all are awesome, and if you can’t afford them, buy them used.

tl;dr Mini-class is recommended, but not required. Capping is based on seniority, so arrive on time the first day.

Here’s the most recent draft of the syllabus.


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