Reading for Die Hard

Here is Robynn Stilwell’s article on Die Hard. As I mentioned in class, I would like you to pay extra attention to this article alongside the two assigned chapters in our textbook. 

I first met Professor Stilwell when she was working for the University of Southampton in England. (At the time, I was on that side of the pond for a study abroad program involving Shakespeare and lots of theater and I was considering musicology programs.) She and I talked about B-movies and musicology over pub food. It was fabulous. As you can see from her faculty profile at Georgetown, she is a leading figure in tv and film music scholarship. (She also knows a fair amount of Latin American music.) I look forward to hearing your thoughts on her article.

Die Hard was so successful that it became its own film convention (apart from inspiring countless sequels), with many of its followers dubbed “Die Hard in/on a X.” As you view the film, pay attention to how the music is enhancing the experience of being an action movie spectator.



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