Links for Character and Action

Love Theme as Secondary Film Theme

“The Boy Next Door,” Meet Me In St Louis (1944) 

Music to Indicate Ambivalence or a Lost Cause

“Opening Battle Scene,” Gladiator (2000)

Music Style to Indicate Character, Location, and Stereotype

“Aboriginal Dance Scene,” Crocodile Dundee (1986)

“Opening Sequence,” Blackhawk Down (2001) featuring Baaba Maal

Quasi-diegetic Muslim Call To Prayer, Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Many themes to underscore story of places and characters in Rebecca (1940)

“Trinity in a Jam,” The Matrix (1999). Music indistinguishable from sound effects. Tomorrow, we will spend more time discussing this film. 

Love Scenes

First love scene (proposal) featuring extremely quiet underscoring (around 4:36), Shadowlands (1993).

Third love scene featuring a big orchestral swell halfway in, Shadowlands (1993).


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