Presentation Expectations and Nourishment

I have received quite a few emails in the last two days about final presentations tomorrow indicating that many of you have questions and doubts about what is expected. Thus, I elaborate:

  • Limit your visual media. Since presentations are only 10 minutes long, you should keep film clips to a minimum. Generally, two clips is plenty to cover in a brief presentation.
  • Focus on the argument rather than plot summary. As should be the case with your papers, the argument/thesis is more important than a blow-by-blow account of what happens to music in your film(s) of choice. Remember, your colleagues will be giving you feedback in the form of comments and questions. You want them (and me) to have the best understanding of what you are trying to do. Note: those doing creative projects should focus on explaining creative choices.
  • Keep the classroom’s technology in mind. Our classroom computer runs a Windows OS, has two browsers on the desktop (Chrome and Firefox), and uses VLC and Quicktime to process visual clips. If you intend to use a laptop, you are responsible for bringing a VGA adaptor.
  • Slides are optional. I personally avoid using slides for short presentations unless a visual display of information can do something that is more difficult in words. If you are savvy with making your own film clips, embedding them in a slide software such as Google Docs, Prezi, or PowerPoint will save time. (Note: If you are using PowerPoint on a flash drive, you will need to copy over the film files as well.) If you intend to transfer your presentation to the computer via email, it’s best to email the files to me rather than to yourself. This will save time.
  • Order is determined by those who have academic commitments before 6PM. You are all responsible for coming up with a suitable presentation order. Those who have a class meeting later in the afternoon should get priority. Everyone else is expected to attend all of the presentations.

3-plus hours is a long time to spend together and we never worked out how we were going to get food for final presentations. Thus, I bring you a poll where you can tell me which cuisine choices are the best. Respond by Thursday at 9AM to have your voice heard!


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